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    Fennessy Donut i5 All-in-One Turntable System with Bluetooth - Green

    The Donut i5 Vinyl Record Player applies deconstructivist and minimalist design concepts from interior architecture, and art showcasing elegance complimenting its high-quality sound.

    Its design comes with a metal-textured round bugle, connected by a neck. The Donut i5 Turntable allows you to select your preferred horn color that pairs well with the interiors of your very space. 


    • Cartridge Model: Audio Technica AT-3600LMM
    • Circuit Type: International Standard RIAA Circuit
    • Restores Audio Signal
    • Easily Operated by One-Key-Control
    • Connectivity: LP/RCA-AUX/BT
    • Weight of Metal Platter: 1kg
    • Item Weight: 30kg
    • Shock and Resonance Absorption
    • Speakers: 4-inch Mid Speaker and 8-inch Bass Speaker
    • 0.6mm Conical Diamond Needle Tip
    • Operating System: IOS, Android
    • Wattage: 110W